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Army Standard Family - Gichner manufactures non-expandable, one and two-side expandable ASF shelters. These lightweight, highly versatile 20' ISO units can be utilized as maintenance facilities, command centers, or other applications.

LMT Shelter - Gichner's family of Lightweight Medium Tactical 20' ISO shelters provide a flexible shelter platform that offers many different configurations and options to meet specific mission requirements.          

Mobile Facility - These 20' ISO shelters are designed to be joined together to form a connected, environmentally controlled work space. Gichner is the current 5-year IDIQ contract holder for Mobile Facilities with the U.S. Navy.

FHT Trailer - Gichner's FHT is a fifth-wheel variant tactical trailer equipped with a removable LMS shelter. This product solution is ideal for high mobility applications requiring higher payloads.                                   

S-788 LMS - The S-788 Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter is a highly transportable enclosure designed specifically for use with HMMWVs and other light tactical vehicles. The LMS is available in six different standard configurations.    

S-280 Shelter - Gichner's durable S-280 shelters are designed to protect military personnel, electronics, and other cargo during transport and operation in some of the world's most challenging environments.                        

Custom Enclosures - Gichner specializes in providing custom lightweight aluminum enclosures. From generator enclosures to UAV transport shelters, Gichner has a solution to meet unique customer requirements.        

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