Featured Container Products

Standard ISO Containers - CMCI specializes in manufacturing and modifying a wide range of durable, steel ISO container solutions including intermodal 20' and 40' units, Bicons, Tricons, and Quadcons.            

Hardened Modular Structure - CMCI's hardened modules and related Critical Infrastructure Protection products are designed to protect assets from forced entry, ballistic, and blast threats during emergency security conditions.   

Container Complex - CMCI has broad experience with joining containers to form a modular building complex. These custom structures have been utilized as conference rooms, command centers, offices, and classrooms.        

Refrigerated Containers - From 20' multi-zone units to smaller Tricon-based freezers, CMCI has a modular refrigerated solution to meet mission requirements. Applications include the transport of food, medical supplies, or chemicals.

Expandable Tricon - CMCI's expandable tricon is designed to provide additional capability and capacity to the expeditionary Warfighter without sacrificing space during transportation by land, air, or sea.                

LSA Aircraft Adapter - This innovative device allows Tricon and Quadcon containers to be loaded directly on to 463L-equipped military cargo systems. Certified by the USAF for use on C-130, C-17, and other aircraft.         

Custom Solutions - CMCI specializes in providing custom durable steel container products. From generator enclosures to specialty accommodations units, CMCI has a solution to meet unique customer requirements.    

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